Msomi Academy for Girls Msomi in the Kijiji!

Msomi in the Kijiji!

We are moving ahead with our new initiative, as we’ve received Board approval! Msomi in the kijiji, or scholar in the village, will be known as Msomi-INK. It is a novel initiative that brings teachers to rural villages that have no current access to formal schools. Teachers will work on the Kenyan school calendar, which means they will be in each selected village for 3 months, have one month off, and continue this cycle for the school year.

With this program, Msomi Academy will begin making an impact sooner than we could with brick and mortar school – although that is still our ultimate goal. Msomi-INK is far less expensive (abut $10,000USD to launch the initial team), provides place- and community-based education, will leave behind community improvement, and demonstrate the power and value of education. We hope to encourage rural villages to begin on a path to understanding how much education can positively impact their communities – and therefore begin finding ways to create more formal schools in their areas.

We are so excited about this initiative! It is cost efficient, still meets all aspects of our mission and vision, and is scale-able. We plan to launch our first teams in January 2022, and once we have the “kinks” worked out, expand as our finances allow. Check back periodically to see how we’re doing! And if you’d like more information, check out our CEO on this podcast – – email us at, and/or follow us on IG and LinkedIn. Stay safe everyone!


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