Msomi Academy for Girls We are planning our trip!

We are planning our trip!

It’s been over two years since we have been able to visit Kenya, and we all miss it desperately. We are currently planning a trip before the end of the year, though, so everyone please keep your fingers crossed that the Delta variant won’t keep us down. Our new initiative is still on track to launch in 2022, albeit a little later than we’d like, but we’re thrilled to have the funding to be able to do this and our late 2021 trip will introduce us to some potential remote villages w here we hope to begin making a difference as soon as we can.

That said, it’s been a rough couple of years for us, as it has been for all non-profits. So please – if you are willing and able to give to us, we’ll take whatever you can spare. And if you don’t want to donate to us, find another non-profit and donate to them – everyone needs your support to get through what has been a crazy time in our lives. Remember, your $25 can buy a almost two backpacks filled with all kinds of school supplies for a Kenyan kid in need, so it doesn’t take much!

Take care out there. Mask up if you need to, get a vaccine when you can, and try to keep your chins up. Life will continue – maybe a little differently than it was, but hopefully safer and just as fun!


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