Msomi Academy for Girls We have shoes!

We have shoes!

It’s been a bit since my last blog – that happens when a new semester begins, I suppose. But it doesn’t mean we haven’t been continuing to inch forward.

Our partnership with has been fruitful and we are now in possession of 80 pairs of shoes that grow. Brandon, Sarah, and I will be taking 60 of those with us to Kenya in December to distribute to children, teens, and adults in need free of charge. John and I both tried a pair on and they’re remarkably comfy, so we are excited to be able to help out in some small way.

Our partnership with is also moving ahead; we are meeting with the leadership team of the Dallas chapter in early October to begin planning our first big fundraising event – a 5K fun run! We are shooting for late winter/early spring of 2019, so be looking for that on our website.

And last, but definitely NOT least, we are making great progress on our 501c3 filing. Next week I have a meeting with our fabulous lawyer who has been donating her time and expertise to us, and from there we’ll pass it on to the expert in the field for review and filing. So, fingers crossed, our paperwork will be in before the end of September. A couple months later than we were shooting for, but still in time to provide a write off for those who choose to donate to us and file in April.

Please keep checking back for opportunities to support us – whether you donate time or money, we are happy to have your help. And if you have questions, reach out! We always love to hear from folks. In the meantime, enjoy the cooler weather and don’t forget to stop and appreciate the beauty of the coming autumn – my absolute favorite season. Cheers!


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