Msomi Academy for Girls We now return…

We now return…

To our regularly scheduled programming! It’s been a looooong time since I blogged, I know. Life has been moving so fast I’ve barely had time to breathe, but I’m renewing my efforts to connect on our beautiful website as we create new ideas and work towards new goals!

We’ve updated dated our mission and vision, found a fantastic promise statement, begun heading in a direction that should get us where we want to go faster, and started planning for our 2021 trip. We had to cancel 2020 because, COVID-19 (ugh!), but we are looking forward to heading back to Kenya in 2021 with a team of oldies but goodies and a few newbies.

Look for more posts as we get up and running…we’ll be reporting out on an exciting new initiative (Msomi-INK), talking about some recent donations and their impacts, and profiling some of our folks so you can get to know the team a little better. Check back once in awhile – and drop us a line if you want to connect. We’re happy to hear from you and love telling anyone who’s willing to listen about Msomi Academy for Girls!


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